Rua Elias Garcia, 209, Alto do Forte (IC 19)
2635 - 008 Rio de Mouro


+351 219 170 963



Opening Hours


Sintra Retail Park

10:00 - 22:00


Sobre o Centro Comercial

O Sintra Retail Park tem uma localização privilegiada junto ao IC19, a 20min de Cascais, 15min do Estoril, 15min de Lisboa, 10min de Sintra, 15min de Oeiras e 15min da Amadora. Com uma óptima localização junto ao IC 19, tem em funcionamento 19 lojas, dispondo de um parque de estacionamento próprio com capacidade para 650 viaturas.

Under the terms of article 35º of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and of the Law nº 67/98 of October 26, the information eventually collected about the users of the Web site is of personal nature, so the confidentiality of the user identity is assured. However there will be the identification of the user anytime this one commits an illegal act in the Web site, namely attempt of information changes, loading of information or any other action that may cause damage and endanger of the system integrity or when required by judicial decision. Multi Portugal Portugal commits itself to take all the necessary measures to avoid losses, bad use or change of the information received from the users. In case the user sends a message to the web site, his address will not be released, except if required by judicial decision.

The Multi Portugal requests personal data?
Yes, the Multi Portugal asks for name, email address and other personal data every time a user registers with their services.
How does the Multi Portugal uses personal data?
The aim of the Multi Portugal, to collect as much personal data about their users, is to provide personalized service and providing an enjoyable and useful navigation. Through a detailed knowledge of their users, Multi Portugal is best placed to offer content, services and advertising tailored to each user.
The Multi Portugal may disclose personal data?
No. The personal data of users of Multi Portugal are protected under the law, therefore, cannot be disclosed to third parties without prior consent.
The Multi Portugal may use personal data for direct mail?
Yes, but only if authorized by the user. Once authorized, Multi Portugal can send relevant and specific information about products or services to each user. However, only the Multi Portugal (or third party on behalf of Multi Portugal and through confidentiality agreements) will make the sending of direct mail. Whenever a user decides he does not want to receive direct mail, he should mention it to the Multi Portugal, either at registration or in any other time, by written request to amend the recorded data.

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