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Gift card

Choosing a gift can sometimes be a drama and to make it easier we created the Alegro Gift Card. This card guarantees us that:

1. We hit the perfect present by wasting hours looking;
2. Present perfect is within our budget.

The COA can also be used at Sintra Retail Park. To purchase just go to the Customer Service Desk of Alegro Sintra and charge it with the desired amount. The minimum limit is 5 euros and the maximum is 500 euros.
It is an automatic payment card and has 1 year validity. You don't need to enter a PIN code, just confirm the value. It can be used in any of the participating stores:

• Colchões & Companhia
• DeBorla
• Feuvert
• McDonald’s
• Media Markt
• Ornimundo
• Pizza Hut
• Prénatal
• Radio Popular
• Tiffosi